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tv   Today  NBC  April 14, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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tracking that, in the meantime, we have it light here. >> it's spring break rotation. it's good friday, as well as some folks are taking timeoff as well, looking towards the bay. the map shows you towards the bay. look how light the traffic is there as well. >> ah, look at that, good for a sunri sunrise, i guess we are thinking of easter. have a great day, we'll be back with a live look at this update. >> a good friday, warriors friday. lots of sports going on. see you for news at 11:00. now, the focus on north korea as that rogue nation may be preparing for another nuclear test as soon as this weekend. out of line? an officer caught on video punching a man in the face during a traffic stop. a second officer later stomping on his head while he's handcuffed. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> both officers fired. the man at the center of it all speaks out in an exclusive interview. fire on the strip.
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flames shooting from the roof of one of the most famous hotels in las vegas overnight. a frightening scene for thousands of tourists. an investigation now under way. and in the footsteps of christ. what's long believed to have been the path jesus used on his way to the crucifixion now being questioned by historians. a good friday controversy of biblical proportions, on this friday, april 14th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. start of a holiday weekend. but it is a busy time in the news. >> there will be a lot of eyes on what's happening in korea over the weekend. >> that's for sure. let's get to our top story. a major show of force from the u.s. in afghanistan. the mother of all bombs used to destroy an isis complex of tunnels and caves in that country.
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that strike coming amid rising tension in north korea. we have complete coverage starting with hallie jackson. good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. the afghan ministry of defense says 36 isis fighters were killed when that massive bomb dropped. the u.s. commander in the region this morning is calling it the right weapon against the right target. and says u.s. forces on the ground there see no evidence of civilian casualties. the military move puts some action behind president trump's tough talk on terror, as he, here in south florida, faces multiple international flash points. president trump waving as he arrives in florida, after flexing military muscle overseas. u.s. forces dropping the so-called mother of all bombs. targeting terrorist tunnels in eastern afghanistan. the gbu-43, moe than 30 feet long, weighing over 21,000 pounds, 11 tons of tnt
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explosive. the pentagon releasing this new video of the strike. the commander in chief, comfortable, he says, delegating the decision-making to top military brass. >> everybody knows exactly what happened. and what i do is i authorize my military. we have the greatest military in the world. they've done a job as usual. we have given them total authorization. >> reporter: u.s. military officials tell nbc news, battlefield commanders made the decision on their own to drop the massive bomb. the first time it's been used in battle. pressuring isis, as the president promised to do. >> bomb the hell out of isis. i'm going to bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> reporter: it's the second major military move from the trump administration in just the last week. an attack bashar al assad is now basically calling fake news. in an interview with afp, recorded on syrian government cameras, assad is even questioning whether pictures of the youngest victims are real. images president trump talked about in explaining his decision
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to act. >> even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered. >> we don't know whether those dead children -- were they dead at all? >> reporte claim, it's perhaps unsurprising from assad, who denied being behind a similar attack in 2013. to u.s. officials, it's painfully clear, as they point to evidence, they say, assad's regime gassed its own people. syria's far from the only hot spot for president trump right now. u.s. officials believe north korea's getting ready to conduct an underground nuclear test as early as tomorrow. >> north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: how? perhaps by presidential praise for and pressure on china and leader xi jingping. who holds serious sway over pyongyang. >> i've really gotten to like and respect, as you know, president xi. he's a terrific person. spent a lot of time together in
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florida. he's a very special man, so we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: underscoring the complexity of the fight against terror, news now of a deadly friendly fire incident in syria. the pentagon says a coalition air strike mistakenly hit 18 allied fighters, killing them. the military is now trying to figure out what went wrong. matt, savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news the u.s. is also prepared to launch a preemptive strike against north korea, if the north moves forward with a nuclear weapons test. and the regime has already warned that a big event is near. nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest on that. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. and the next 24 hours are really crucial. tomorrow is the biggest holiday of the year in north korea. it's a day that has been used in the past to carry out these big, high-profile weapons tests. overnight, already, some tough
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talk from a north korean official who called president trump's policy towards north korea vicious and aggressive. and vowed his country is prepared to go to war if provoked. flower power on display in north korea. the secretive regime showing off shiny, new buildings and prepping for parades in the capital, pyongyang. while in the northeast at its nuclear site, there's signs that north korea is primed and ready for a sixth nuclear test. possibly as soon as tomorrow, to mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation's founder and the current leader's grandfather. kim il-sung. the vice foreign minister telling the associated press overnight, the country will go ahead with a nuclear test at a time and place they deem necessary. nbc news has learned two american destroyers with tomahawk cruise missiles are now 300 miles from the nuclear test site. multiple sources telling nbc
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news that if u.s. intelligence detects a nuclear test is imminent, for the first time in history, the white house is considering a preemptive strike. a strike that could include both missiles and bombs, as well as cyberattacks and special operations. >> we're working with international partners in order to defuse the situation. but the bottom line is, north korea has to change its behavior. >> reporter: north korea has conducted several missile tests this year. its firepower already within reach of south korea, japan, russia and southeast asia. and it's believed to be developing a missile that could reach the west coast of the united states. the japanese prime minister warning north korea may already be able to send a missile loaded with sarin gas into japan. a deadly arsenal and an unpredictable leader who is not yet backing down. and to complicate matters, vice president mike pence was
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planning to head to south korea to visit troops over the easter weekend this weekend. we're told that visit is going forward. we're also told by a white house source that no action will be taken against north korea until south korea signs off. matt? savannah? >> kelly cobiella, thank you. juan zarate served as the deputy national security adviser of combating terrorism under george bush. he joins us with nicolle wallace. let me start with you. if the north koreans are planning to test another nuclear device, we can do three things. we can strike to deter them. we can strike afterward, after a test, to punish them. or we can do nothing. what's our level of intelligence? how sure are we right now about their plans? >> well, i think the intelligence community is sure they are planning a nuclear test. whether or not it's going to be the next 24 hours is up for grabs. but the reality is, the north koreans have quickened the pace of their nuclear test, their
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capabilities. this will now be their sixth test. two last year, matt. what intelligence officials are worried about is the continued technological advancement. and the reality, you have an anniversary this weekend. that's what has intelligence officials worried this will happen soon. >> we've seen this behavior from the north before. sometimes people want to dismiss it. and yet, from the u.s. side of things, now, there's this report that potentially the u.s. is preparing a preemptive strike. there's been a repositioning of military resources in the region. that alone can escalate thing. what are the pluses and minuses of the new approach we're seeing? >> the trump administration is trying to change the calculus, the battle space. they're trying to pressure north korea saying this strategy of strategic patience is over. we're going to try to pressure. and part of this is to pressure the north koreans and also the chinese to do more. that's why you're seeing displays of force. the potential for use of
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unilateral capabilities. but this has the potential to have the north koreans overreact. and you have a potential for miscommunication. and in a tinderbox situation like the korean peninsula, that's potentially dangerous. >> i heard a military expert yesterday who echoed what you're saying. you know what leads to war? mistakes lead to war. and if you start to amp up the pressure in a conflict situation, you force -- if you have an irrational leader like kim jong-un, you might force him into making a mistake. and mistakes can cost millions of lives. >> that's right. we know kim jong-un wants to solidify his power internally and demonstrate his capabilities externally. if you push him too far, you push him into a corner, he may overreact. you have to have a game plan. if the north is provoked, they can hit seoul, south korea, very carefully. this is why you're hearing from administration officials. u.s. isn't going to do anything without south korea's okay first. >> we talked about the president's national security
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team and the process. we're seeing it in action. >> yeah. >> we heard president trump say with record to the m.o.a.b., with the bomb he dropped in afghanistan. he more or less said, i give the military the authority. you take it from there. what are you seeing? >> it's interesting to hear you talk about the nuanced calculations this white house staff is making. and how far of a departure it is from how we viewed this president and his team in the early days of the presidency. the national security apparatus views the last ten days as the model for four years. they have knit together rex tillerson at state, mattis at d.o.d., and general mcmasters in control of the white house nsc. and jared kushner is the tie to the president. the last ten days is the example not just for the world and the public but for the president and how it's supposed to work. >> you learn that relationships are key.
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the president is placing a lot of faith in this new relationship he's developed with president xi of china. and if the north koreans test this weapon, he may find that he's misplaced faith there. >> yeah. and he wouldn't be the first american president to be disappointed or heartbroken by less than what america would want china to do when it comes to north korea. the six-party talks has been the diplomatic structure that we've relied on for many years. but the personal relationship that he has enough confidence in to change his position. he was going to call china a currency manipulator. he was going to redo all our trade deals. he's now talking about what an amazing and special man he is because he desperately needs him if we're going to protect this country and our allies from north korea. >> we could learn a lot more in the next couple of days. nicolle, thank you. juan, good to see you. >> thank you very much. cia director mike pompeo is blasting wikileaks calling it a hostile intelligence service. the remarks came thursday during his first public speech since becoming director.
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pompeo called wikileaks founder julian assange a fraud and a coward. he criticized chelsea manning and edward snowden. he leveled his harshest criticism at assange himself. pompeo said he and his colleagues at the cia found wikileaks to be perplexing and deeply troubling. let's go to georgia now after two police officers have been fired after video shows them kicking and punching a man at a traffic stop. gabe gutierrez is in lawrenceville, georgia, with more on this. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. this scandal mushroomed for this department. one officer was fired after that video surfaced. then, just hours later, a second part of the encounter caught on another camera, also emerged, shocking the police chief and costing a second officer his job. this morning, two officers in gwinnett county, georgia, are out of a job, after one was caught on camera punching a suspect with his hands up during
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a traffic stop. and the other kicking him after he was handcuffed. >> it was surreal. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, 21-year-old college student dimitrius hollins said he had a previous run-in with one of the officers during a traffic stop last year. he tried to reach for his cell phone camera to record this encounter, but he never got the chance. >> he told me to step out of the car. i stepped out of the car with my hands up. when i had my hands up, that's when he punched me in the face. >> reporter: hollins was booked on charges of marijuana possession, obstruction and multiple traffic violations. >> why would you kick him in the face? >> reporter: eyewitness kenneth dillard shot the first cell phone video that surfaced. >> he doesn't deserve that. you don't picture yourself seeing that. you don't see a police officer doing that live and in person. >> reporter: that prompted the police chief to fire officer robert mcdonald. but just hours later, this second video emerged, charging the sergeant to fire michael bongiovanni.
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the initial report says hollins did not have a license plate and he was tasered and handcuffed after he refused to get out of the car. >> the accident depicted upon that video was not mentioned or described in the reports. there's no excuse for behavior like this. >> reporter: it is just the latest incident involving an officer caught on camera using questionable tactics. just this week, video surfaced of an officer in sacramento slamming, then beating a pedestrian stopped for jaywalking. today in georgia, dimitrius hollins and his family are still in shock. >> i wish this would never to anybody. i wish this would never happen to me. >> you hear about it happening to other people that it happens to. but when you see it happen to your own child, it breaks my heart. >> reporter: both officers could face criminal charges. the police chief says that officer mcdonald took
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responsibility when confronted with the video but that the sergeant had a slightly different reaction, telling investigators, quote, it's different out on the streets. matt? >> gabe, thank you very much. now, to a bombshell report released overnight by one of the nation's most prestigious prep schools. it details and allegations of rampant sexual abuse of students by faculty members. it stretches back decades. nbc's stephanie gosk with that story. >> reporter: good morning. the damning report is the product of an investigation that began three years ago, when two alumni reported sexual misconduct that occurred when they were students there. the results has stunned the boarding school. in a quaint connecticut town sits one of the most elite prep schools in the country. choate has educated many students that have gone on to big things. some of its notable alums, john f. kennedy, actors michael douglas, glenn close and jamie
7:17 am
lee curtis. and more recently, first daughter ivanka trump. but its reputation is taking a big hit. shocking allegations that at least 12 former teachers sexually abused and in one case forcibly raped students at the school. the allegations dating back to the early 1960s were presented in a nearly 50-page report prepared by a law firm for the school's board of trustees. it included reports of intimate kissing and intimate touching. one student reported that in 1980, when she was 15 years old, a faculty member asked her to go away with him for a weekend to have sex. the student declined the proposition. two female graduates also reported separately that an english teacher at the school engaged in sexual relationships with them. in another case, it details a student's forcible rape by a teacher while on a school trip to costa rica in 1999. according to the report, none of the cases were ever reported to the police.
7:18 am
and in most cases, faculty members were quietly fired or allowed to resign, going on to teach at other schools. choate's headmaster issued a letter that said, the detailed content of this report is devastating to read. one can only have the greatest sympathy and deepest concern for the survivors. the conduct of these adults violated the foundation of our community. the letter from choate was the latest of a series of apologies issued by dozens of schools facing teacher misconduct. this story is not over. >> disturbing. steph, thank you so much. we want to go back to that fire at the top of our show. the famed belageio is where it happened. officials forced shut down portions of the las vegas strip. bystanders wau s watched from t sidewalk. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now to a bizarre armed robbery in florida. surveillance video captured
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three men dressed like women robbing a port st. lucie jewelry store. one man jumped across the counter pulling a gun on a clerk while the second holds the clerk. they filled the duffel bags with jewelry. they caught up with one of the suspects. the two others remain at large this morning. dylan is in again for al with the weather. >> some significant flooding in florida. look at what happened in northwest fresno. southeast fresno under water. a storm system stayed over the same area. you can see some cars, almost covered halfway with that water there. some being towed out to drier land. we saw two inches of rain fall in a short period of time. on the flipside of that, jump over to florida where we have drought conditions. 44% is under moderate drought right now. we're not going to see an improvement until the wet season gets under way about a month from now. thee are more than 28 active fires larger than 100 acres.
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we're going to deal with the dry conditions for a little while longer. you can see this onshore flow keeping things dry. we're looking at dangerous rip currents, too. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. ♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community.
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>> good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari 45u8. it's 47 degrees now in the south bay. 41 degrees in the tri-valley. we've dropped into the upper 30s for the north bay. san francisco is at 47. looking at more sunshine throughout the day. clear conditions sand slightly cooler than average temperatures, making it into the low- to mid-60s. 62 in san francisco today. the east bay 53 degrees. 66 with sunshine in the north bay. and that's your latest forecast. wrong path. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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but to rise. ♪ ==topvo== protesters are expected to gather shortly in san francisco .. ahead of a hearing at the federal courthourse. santa clara county and the city of san francisco .. will ask federal court judges to issue an "injunction" .. blocking president trump's executive order on immigration. the white house is threatening to withhold federal funding from any municipality that ignores federal immigration laws and ice-enforcement. for santa clara county .. analysts say that could mean the loss of up to one-point-seven billion dollars. anchor toss to weather ad-lib toss to weather wx protesters expected to gather in san francisco, santa clara county and the city of san francisco will ask federal court judges to issue an injunction blocking president trump's immigration.
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they are threatening to withhold funding from any municipality that withholds isis enforcement. >> that could mean the loss up to $1.7 billion. the sun is going to come out today. let's check in with kari. >> good morning. we have the dry weather and sunshine in the bay area. a great start to this friday morning. as we go into the day, we will see more sunshine, we see the clouds moving in, the rain won't be behind, starting in the morning in the north bay. the showers north to south in the afternoon, pretty good afterage here. steady downpours on sunday. lingers into monday morning. there will be several rounds in the forecast between monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. they will see more showers and cool temperatures around the bay area. let's get an update on this morning's commute with mike. >> kari, a very light commute.
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the tri-valley, the south bay, the peninsula. a little for westbound highway 4 at bay point. let's show you the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights were turned on early this morning. >> that has cleared. there is no real need for the metering lights the next couple of minutes. a tiny backup. the rest will work the next time. back to you. >> another local news update for you in about a half hasn't hour. hope to see you then. have a good friday morning. whoa!
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♪ we are back. it's 7:30. friday morning, everybody, april 14th, 2017. nice start to the day in midtown manhattan, as we head into a beautiful holiday weekend. >> 80 by sunday. >> i know. looking forward to that. the easter bunny. >> nice and cool in studio 1a. let's look at headlines on a friday morning. the pentagon just releasing video of the first-ever use in combat of that mother of all bombs. the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in a nuclear arsenal was dropped on an isis stronghold. it destroyed 36 isis fighters and destroyed several caves and
7:31 am
tunnels and ammunition location. joseph jakubowski, the fugitive want ffrd allegedly robbing a gun store and sending an anti-government manifesto to president trump has been captured. police were called to a farm near reeds town last night where a man who matched his description was camping illegally. he was taken into custody without incident. the irs says nearly 40 mill y million taxpayers have yet to file their returns. keep in mind, with the traditional april 15th deadline falling on a saturday, this year, you have until the next tuesday, the 18th, to get your returns finished. >> three extra days. now, to the latest on the kentucky doctor who was violently pulled from that united airlines flight. his attorney says he never wants to fly again after suffering what his attorney described as injuries at the hands of security officers. tom costello has been on the story all week long. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we now know those airport security officers who boarded
7:32 am
that plane, and you know they were wearing jackets that said police, they were not police. they had been told in january, stop wearing those jackets. you're not cops. but they were wearing those jackets anyway. meanwhile dr. dao who fled the vietnam war said what happened to him on sunday was far more terrifying. five days since he was violently dragged from flight 3411. >> my god, what are you doing? >> reporter: dr. david dao's family says he remains badly shaken. >> what happened to my dad should not have happened to any human being, regardless of the circumstance. >> reporter: his injuries were a concussion, a broken nose, sinus injuries that will require reconstructive surgery and two teeth knocked out. >> i have to go home. >> reporter: and he has no memory of running back onboard the plane, bloodied and distraught after being dragged off. dao's attorneys will take legal action against united and the
7:33 am
city, who employs the security officers who boarded the plane. >> what happened to dr. dao could have happened to any of us. >> reporter: on thursday, a united representative appeared before the chicago city council to apologize. >> we deeply, deeply regret what happened, and we commit to you l never happen again aboard our aircraft. >> reporter: the airline now pledging to no longer ask any law enforcement personnel to remove passengers from planes unless it's a matter of safety and security. and it's re-examining how it handles oversold flights and the incentives it offers passengers to give up their seats. meanwhile, at least one city alderman is concerned that chicago citizens will have to foot a big bill. >> it is especially troublesome to chicago taxpayers that now they will be saddled with lawsuits alleging misconduct by city employees. >> reporter: legal experts say chicago and united should both
7:34 am
worry. >> we're looking at the damages in multiple millions of dollars. he suffered not only the physical injuries that are more severe than initially thought. but the public humiliation because this video has been seen around the world. >> reporter: now, you may remember this was a united airlines regional flight operated by republic airways. united has taken full responsibility for this and now united's pilots have come out and said they are infur yated by what happened. and they call what happened with regard to the airport security team, a, quote, gross, excessive force. guys, back to you. >> won't be the last word on that story. tom, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from dylan in for al this morning. >> the weather looks decent heading into the upcoming easter weekend. we're looking at isolated thunderstorms, but nothing too severe expected. you can see in this area of yellow, including the panhandle of texas and oklahoma, stretching up through kansas and northwestern missouri.
7:35 am
a risk of some storms on saturday. large hail would be the biggest risk with the storms. it's a cold front moving eastward. we will see scattered showers across the midwest today. and the line of storms will fire up going into saturday afternoon and evening. that will move eastward pretty quickly. that will see the potential of brief possible flooding, just because of the one to two inches of rain that could fall in a short period of time. that's mostly on saturday. then, we lose the threat of severe storms on eastern sunday. that's a l well, we have some dry weather around the bay area today and tomorrow and cool
7:36 am
temperatures for san francisco today, expect a high of 59. 63 tomorrow. and then the rain moves in starting in the north bay on easter, we will see the rain spreading to the south a. high of 62 degrees t. best day of the forecast, indeed, will be tomorrow. we will see more rounds of rain in the forecast from easter sunday into early next week. even on tuesday and wednesday, we'll still see some showers in the forecast. highs in the upper 60s. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems,
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7:41 am
final steps of jesus. >> but according to historians, turns out, they may not be in the right spot. here's nbc's richard engel. >> reporter: the city of jerusalem, sacred for jews, muslims and christians. and for the easter holiday, christians are gathering to visit the newly renovated church of the holy sepulchre. built over the site where tradition says jesus died and rose again. how did jesus get here? christians say in scene, depicted in countless movies, he walked. for centuries, pilgrims have walked this route, the via dolorosa, the way of suffering. it's called that because christian tradition says this was the path that jesus took in his final days, where he was condemned to die, given a cross, crowned with a crown of thorns, and ultimately crucified. but increasingly scholars are
7:42 am
saying, this isn't the right way. reverend dr. patmore is a scholar on the life of jesus at st. george's coolidge here. what are we walking on right now? >> we're walking the route called the via dolorosa which traditionally traces jesus' last walk to the cross. >> is it correct? >> historically, no. >> reporter: this is not the right one? >> it's unlikely that it is. >> reporter: it's not marked that way. and it's a central part of the itinerary for christian visitors every year. what do you think of when you see all the pilgrims walking here? do you want to reach over and tell them, sorry, you're in the wrong place, probably? >> yes and no. from a historical point of view, this is almost certainly not the route that jesus took in his final days, in his final hours. but this is a devotional route that's been walked for centuries by pilgrims. >> so you don't feel the need to say -- written right here on the wall, via dolorosa, people stopping and taking their
7:43 am
pictures, you know, maybe not? >> if they ask, i'll tell them. >> reporter: so, will you show me what you think is the real route? >> i will, yes. >> if you know the way. >> through the alleys. i know the way, it's all uphill. >> reporter: the current via dolorosa zigzags from jerusalem's old city from east to west, broken up in 14 stations each to mark a moment of jesus' final walk. to find the actual route, scholars say, you need an ancient map to locate the spot where jesus was tried by pontious pilate and work backwards from there. that traces a much shorter route from the opposite direction, ending in the same place, the church of the holy sepulchre. >> we're coming up to what is called the tower of david or the citadel. it was part of herod's palace structure. it was used by pilate. >> you think the de la rosa starts here? >> exactly. >> how many scholars think like
7:44 am
you do? >> it's not rare at all. i'm giving you an conventional opinion. >> how do people react when you tell them, you know what? this is really the start of the via dolorosa? >> they're intrigued. and they're excited in a way. but paths have changed over the century. we're not walking on 9 same stones. but we're walking more or less the same route when we start here. some people want to walk in the footsteps of jesus are excited to hear that. >> and no matter where the location really is, he says, coming here to learn and pray can be a deeply moving act of faith and devotion. richard engel, nbc news, jerusalem. >> you were saying you'd love to go there sometime. haven't been. it's an extraordinary place. >> i would. and i think the walk is supposed to be something more symbolic. it isn't the literal footsteps. interesting story, though. just ahead, dylan is in the orange room. we're going to talk about how far ellen is apparently willing to go to win her retweet battle with nugget boy. >> say that again. >> nugget boy. first, these messages.
7:45 am
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. really only one person who can fill in for al and carson. it's dylan drier in the orange room. >> i'm all that's left. take a look at this, guys. this is 16-year-old carter wilkerson. he's captured the attention of celebrities and could make social media history, all for
7:50 am
his plea of fast food. yo, wednesdayndy's, how much re for free chicken nuggets. he shared that conversation. it's been retweeted 2.8 million times. it is within reach of the all-time records for retweets with ellen degeneres holding that record with her oscar selfie that's been retweeted just half a million more times. in an attempt to protect her title, ellen enlisted major star power. >> i'm ellen degeneres. >> and i'm bradley cooper. >> we need your help. >> we're dangerously close to losing our title for the rebeat the of all-time. >> this nugget kid needs your help. but we need your held more. >> i had to hold up my arms for 35 to 40 seconds. >> i was sitting on meryl streep's lap for an uncomfortable time. retweet our selfie. >> do it today and be part of history. >> ellen may have celebrities on
7:51 am
her side. but wendy's has upped the ante for carter's cause. we will donate $100,000 to dave thomas foundation when carter breaks your retweet record. the twitter battle is far from over. i can't say retweet anymore times. and i don't think the kids are getting free nuggets for a year. >> i don't think so. >> never gets to 18 million. but may get to ellen's record. >> ellen is standing between him and the nuggets. coming up, we get trending help from a very special friend. neil patrick harris will join us finity paint from hgtv home by
7:52 am
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wx toss to traffic traffic toss traffic ==traffic maps full== >> it's 7:56 on this friday morning with sunshine, we will see temperatures starting out cool. only 46 degrees in the peninsula and it slowly warms up as we go from the day from here, we are making it into the low 40s now in the north bay after a morning dip into the upper 30s, expect a high of 63 in the peninsula and south valley. 63 degrees in the east bay with some breezy winds. it stays dry today and tomorrow.
7:57 am
then as we head into sunday, getting ready for early morning easter showers for the north bay and the rain moves into the rest of the bay area during the afternoon with mainly light amounts of rain. but still, it may put a damper on outdoor plans for the easteric hunt and post-church festivities around the bay area. let's get an update on how it is looking on the roadways now with mike. >> the roadways are looking great. very little slowing around the bay, calling out two incidents, causing slowing around the boulevard. a crash moving to the shoulder. at the top of your screen, west hey 4, a crash moving to the shoulder. minor slowing, no ma jor problems, sxept for one crash, look, it's clear. well seend it back to you. >> happening now, protests ahead of a federal court hearing in san francisco. the city will jointly argue to block the trump administration
7:58 am
federal immigration order. we have a crew there. look to that story now on our home page. it's beb called the mother of all bombs that killed isis rebels in yank. on our facebook page, new video at the moment of impact. firefighters are trying to determine what caused a fire at the bellagio in las vegas that shut down traffic on the strip. on our twitter feed, the story and dramatic video. another local news update in half an hour, i hope to see you then. have a good morning. in the middle of a storm destiny struck. did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today. and tensions rising. >> this was another very, very successful mission. >> a day after the u.s. flexes its military muscle with a massive bomb drop on isis fighters, the trump administration turns its attention to north korea. positioning warships in preparation for a possible pre-emptive strike against that rogue nation. we're live at the white house with the very latest. plus, pushing the limits. jenna bush hager brings us the story of two friends, driven by a faith so deep, they're climbing mountains together. >> the pilgrimage has taught me, for sure, when you do step out in faith, watch out because amazing hinthings can really
8:01 am
happen. and a man of many talents, neil patrick harris stops by studio 1a to tell us about a new project that's unlike anything he's done before. today, friday, april 14th, 2017. ♪ >> celebrating in the plaza. >> i came from louisville, kentucky, to celebrate my 30th birthday. >> from north carolina, on spring break. ♪ >> good morning, to our friends in st. andrews school in savannah, georgia. >> all the way from portland, oregon, to new york city. ♪ >> we're back, now, 8:00 on a friday morning. april 14th, 2017. the start of a holiday weekend. and we've got another big crowd on rockefeller plaza.
8:02 am
and it's beautiful and sunny. a little chilly. going to get chilly tomorrow. and then, dylan says it's going to be a magnificent easter sunday. >> you decided to go no jacket. >> dylan's like, are we sure? >> i want to follow what you do. >> we're doing it. sunday is going to be great. monday will be even better because hoda is coming back from maternity leave on monday morning. >> we have -- we've been taking turns and going over to her apartment and meeting her new daughter, haley joy. and it is pretty clear that hoda is kind of happy. >> she's happy beyond words. >> when i look at her, like, i see forever -- i see past me. i see, like, the future. i guess i never saw. i want her to know that she is loved by me, by family.
8:03 am
and by everyone who has held her. i don't think she's going to know what to do with all the love. >> matt, you're going to have a lot of estrogen on your hands, okay? it's me, hoda, dylan. we got the babies. >> i'm buying tissues all weekend. i'm ready. hoda's going to come back to work on monday. and we can't wait to see her. >> can't wait to see her. get to the morning's top stories. here's your news at 8:00. >> reporter: good morning. i'm hallie jackson in west palm beach, where president trump is spending his weekend. and new this morning, we are getting our first look at that massive bomb strike in eastern afghanistan. the pentagon overnight releasing video of the so-called mother of all bombs. the after fwghan defense minists that killed 36 isis fighters. the commander in the region calls it the right weapon against the right target. president trump zeroing in on isis in afghanistan, delegating the decisionmaking to his
8:04 am
military brass. the pentagon releasing this new video of the strike, after u.s. forces dropped the so-called mother of all bombs. never before used in battle. >> what i do is i authorize my military. we have the greatest military in the world. and they've done a job, as usual. so, we have given them total authorizization. >> reporter: that massive bomb, intended to destroy tunnels and caves used by isis. a significant military move. but the president says it's not intended as a warning shot to north korea. u.s. senior intelligence officials say the rogue nation could be on the verge of conducting an underground nuclear test this weekend. >> i don't know if it sent a message. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: the president, keeping up pressure on pyongyang. and hoping china will use its leverage to help solve the crisis. >> i've gotten to like and expect, as you know, president
8:05 am
xi. he's a special man. we'll see how it goes. i think he will try very hard. >> reporter: for the president, it's more of a foreign policy focus. about a week after that syrian strike, responding to a chemical weapons attack. an attack bashar al assad denies ever happened. >> 100% for us. >> reporter: assad, in an interview with the afp, recorded on syrian government cameras, is questioning the images of dead children. images president trump said partly led him to launch that air strike. >> we don't know whether those dead children, were they dead at all? >> reporter: top u.s. officials believe there's no question. pointing to proof, they say, showing not only there was an attack, but that assad's regime was behind it. as for north korea, overnight, a top official there tells the a.p., president trump is making trouble with, quote, aggressive tweets. promising north korea will launch a nuclear test when it sees fit. savannah?
8:06 am
>> hallie jackson, thank you. new york giants quarterback, eli manning is coming under fire this morning, accused of taking part in a scheme to sell phony game-used memorabilia. that's according to a report in "the new york post." manning who has a contract with the dealer, allegedly asked a giant staffer for items that could be passed off as authentic. court documents reveal that manning turned over a 2010 e-mail, in which he asked for, quote, two helmets that can pass as game-used. the e-mail was filed as part of a lawsuit against the giants, manning and several others. in a statement, the team lawyer says the e-mails were taken out of context. and calls the lawsuit a misguided attempt to defame his character. talk, now, about anxious moments for visitors at a six flag america in maryland. the joker's jinx rollercoaster stalled last night, leaving two dozen riders stuck about 100 feet up in the air. firefighters were called to that park. they safely rescued riders one by one. but some of them were stranded
8:07 am
at the top for over three hours. thankfully, nobody was injured. coming up next, look who is joining us for "trending." neil patrick harris is here. and there's something we can't wait to get his take on. those jeans. neil, you up for a little wardrobe change? >> oh, yeah. >> good. >> i believe we may have yours. we will shift gears and we're calling it soul searching. two men that
8:08 am
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♪ ♪
8:10 am
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8:11 am
>> a trending expert. >> have you done this before? >> i've seen it on television. >> let's talk about jeans and zippers. >> on the phones with his agent. i did not agree to do this. not why i'm there. we like to talk about profile pictures. do you have profile pictures on your social media? >> a couple, yeah. >> we tend to choose pictures that make us look best. make us look handsome or beautiful or present the best side of ourselves. you know what you want to do if you want a better profile picture? let a stranger pick it for you. researchers, that makes it right, at the university of australia -- >> some university. >> -- found that strangers when given a few photos of someone, will select the one that makes the person look more attractive, trustworthy and confident. >> that makes perfect sense, right? >> why? >> we spend so much time looking at ourselves in a mirror in your daily routine. and you probably focus on things you don't like. when i look at you guys, i this
8:12 am
look at things that are more attractive about you and don't abscess about the things that aren't. >> i think people look at themselves and say, this, that. maybe it's better to outsource it to somebody else. >> you look skeptical. >> you're not supposed to be rational here. >> i don't use the social media platform picture of what is the best looking picture of me. i use funny, wacky pictures. >> see what you put up. >> what is that? >> that might be on facebook. >> that's on facebook. >> it's kind of what i'm wearing right now. >> that's your look. >> you have others. let's see another one. >> here's one. >> my instagram one is that. that's count olof, in my current dig. i wanted dr. horrible for a long time. i started on fa leisha day was on that. i was that for years. >> what do you have? >> the shirtless pic.
8:13 am
>> normal. >> wow. >> yes, you do. >> look at that. these are so boring. >> these are boring. >> it's like a stamp. age, just a number -- >> i first started here. >> so cute. age is just a number. but when it comes to happiness, experts say your age might matter. researchers at a university in london, pinpoint the two ages when adults are happiest. what do you think are the happiest ages? >> i would say mid-20s. >> yeah. >> do you think what i think? or what the researchers think? >> i don't know. >> whatever -- >> age to retire. >> 65 and mid-20s. >> you're not far off. 23 and 69. >> 69, interesting. >> they surveyed 23,000 -- >> really, neil? >> happiness peaks at 23 and the age of 69 and dips between. >> i don't think it dips between. i'm 43 and i've never been
8:14 am
happier. >> a lot of people have responsibilities that kick in the late -- in the mid-30s and 40s, that take the joy away. i think the kid part is the most joyful part of my life. >> 23 is when you get into having responsibilities. >> in the mid-20s, you're concerned about what you're supposed to be doing. finding your identity. and in your 30s, you've declared and represent. and in your 40s, you can stand proud. >> researchers found people at 23 were happier because they were overestimating their lives and what it might be. this is going to be awesome. and then, life slowly crushes you. anyway, next story. >> we pepper our stories with words like research and studies. >> yeah? fashion-forward or fashion forward or fashion disaster, neil patrick harris. check out these jeans. they're going viral. they have a zipper -- let me change this. dylan, fashion forward, fashion disaster? zipper goes up the backside. they're made by a high end
8:15 am
label. what's that called? >> i don't know. >> i bet it's like -- >> $1,800. >> i'm sure it's convenient. >> no, but this is -- i was trying to tell you. why would you do that? that's how you go to the bathroom. that is not the -- it's not for function. it's supposed to be stylish. >> oh, really? >> i mean, i don't personally like that look. in high school in arizona, there were a lot -- >> beyond awful. >> ladies wore the jeans. >> you're strangely silent. >> don't ask the gay guy. [ laughter ] >> see? see? how are you enjoying your last appearance on "trending?" >> it's fun. it's trending. it's trending. >> all right. quick pop star -- >> well, thank you very much. i transition over to "pop star" right now. we start with harrison ford, made a surprise appearance in
8:16 am
orlando, joining in for the 40th anniversary panel and a joke was made about the recent plane troubles. take a look. >> i can't believe we managed to keep it a secret considering you landed your plane on i-4. [ laughter ] >> it was a good landing. >> harrison of course got a huge applause from the audience. and now to ed sheeran. a few fans were at a bar when the singer showed up. he stopped by o'connors, a pub in iesh -- ireland and word got out and hundreds of fans swarmed the streets. you'd think we just won the world cup. before he left, he shared this photo, thank galway and the wonderful people for their help with the video. some crowd there. finally, ellen degeneres, her new reality show premiered last week. it's called "first dates." an up close and personal look at
8:17 am
first dates all happening at the same restaurant and at the same time. you were supposed to fly out and interview ellen and you got sick and here's what happened. >> matt lauer was supposed to be here today to interview me about my new show "first dates." but he got sick. which probably means he's at one of those kinky conventions that he goes to. luckily i had this in my dressing room so i guess we'll just go ahead with the interview as planned. yes, thank you. i am the executive producer and it's narrated by drew barrymore, because she has a lot of experience with first dates. she did a movie where she went on 50 of them. [ laughter ] >> to see the clip of the interview go to you can catch that tonight -- >> by the way i'm going out in the first week of may and i'll make up for missing that interview. >> you should get that cardboard
8:18 am
cutout and save time. stay at home. >> you're actually here to talk about something i know you're very passionate about. a new show -- executive producer? >> i am. of the live show here in new york. >> which is really cool. we'll talk about that in next half hour, i believe. dylan? >> what now? >> dylan, cook all the food while you're at it. >> today's weather is brought to you by nondrowsy claritin and products. >> okay, shifting gears to weather now and the pollen report. it is getting pretty bad out there. it is very high right through the center of the country. started to look like an easter egg right now. we have a very high pollen report especially across the midwest and into the mid-atlantic. so if you're sneezing, just not feeling great, most likely allergies are to blame. now, we are looking at really warm temperatures as we head into the weekend. today though they're running 10 to 20 degrees above average, especially through the eastern slopes of the rockies. down through the south and into the midwest. atlanta, 83 degrees.
8:19 am
philadelphia, 68. on saturday, the temps continue to rise into the 70s and 80s. highs should top out in the low seasonable temperatures. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. sunshine, cool temperatures around the bay area. it's 49 degrees on the peninsula as well as 49 in the south bay. 50 in the east bay and 43 degrees in the north bay. after this chilly start expect it to make it into the low to mid 60s today. it will feel much more comfortable but breezy winds and slightly cooler than average temperatures. up to 62 in san francisco and the north bay, 66 degrees. showers return easter sunday. >> and that's your latest pop start and weather. >> thank you. we are wrapping up our special passover and easter week series we have been calling "soul searching today." >> two remarkable men defied the
8:20 am
odds and jenna bush hager has the story. >> good morning, guys. imagine if your best friend was struck with a rare illness that robbed him the ability to walk. how far would you help him leave out his dreams? wait until you meet patrick and justin, two guys driven by a face so deep they're actually climbing mountains. nestled in idaho's foothills, two life long friends navigating a rocky path. using faith as their compass. >> our friendship has been about adventure, honestly. the big ones, the small ones. >> their adventures began as infants. patrick gray and justin were born 36 hours apart and growing up they were inseparable. >> i'd bike over to his house, he'd komd over to my house. >> but at age 16, justin's course took a dark turn. >> i noticed weakness in the left foot. >> that was diagnosed as a neuromuscular disease similar to
8:21 am
als. >> in a nutshell my autoimmune system attacks my immune system. i can feel everything from head to toe but my muscles don't work the way they should. >> justin continued full speed ahead. the boys both graduated college, meirried and started -- married and started their own families and remaining the best of friends. >> they have a unique relationship where they -- they have strengths and weaknesses and they just kind of piece together like a puzzle. >> but eventually, justin's progressive disease began to rob him of the ability to walk, to write, and to live the life he once imagined. >> his ability to handle it so well with grace and dignity really helped me not to be affected by it, but when the disease reached his hands it was really hard for me to come to grips with. >> then one afternoon, a travel tv show would change the course of their lives. >> i was watching "rick steves' europe." it was on a pilgrimage across
8:22 am
northern spain. i knew my heart was telling me, you need to do this. >> when justin proposed the 500 mile trek to his best friend, patrick didn't skip a beat. >> this relationship it's just -- it was a gift. we've done everything together so far, why not have one more adventure. let's make it a grand one, right? >> yeah. >> yes, there's no other response in my head than, yeah, i'll push you. >> i'll push you became the new mantra and motivation. with the blessing of their families two years later, they were off. >> we had about a six week window from start to finish. acclimating and getting back to the states. >> with justin in a three week aluminum wheelchair they documented the remarkable quest across the network of ancient pilgrim routes that converge in spain. >> great day to climb a mountain. >> i have never been that depleted physically in my entire life. >> beginning in france, the pair traversed mountain ranges, rivers and a vast desert in
8:23 am
spain. >> we met people from i think 27 different countries. >> you get time to really connect intimately with people and honestly i would say experience community the way it's supposed to be experienced. >> nice to meet you. >> ascending thousands of miles it was one of soul searching and exploration. >> i think faith and humanity was restored. being the recipient of such grace and help and love. it was truly amazing. >> and incredibly 500 miles later they finished in just 34 days. in this documentary in their book, "i'll push you" they recount their transformational adventure. >> when you step out in faith, watch out. because amazing things can really happen. >> we have people that surround us that really carried us up the mountains. they have given us so much. i wanted it to be a testament to
8:24 am
how we're supposed to live our lives. whoever we come in contact with, whatever their walk is, the greatest gift we can give them is to love them. >> surrounded by the families back in idaho as they converge, their bond continues to strengthen. two best friends proving that with unconditional friendship and faith, just about anything is possible. >> you don't have to be defined by your limitations. it's what you do in spite of the those limitations that defines you. >> patrick and justin are also working on a children's book and many of the illustrations are actually justin's art work. pretty incredible, right? >> what a beautiful image of a friend pushing his friend up that mountain. all of that that symbolizes and the hard work of that. >> i did that trip when i graduated with my best friend and it's hard and you meet people you never would have met
8:25 am
before. >> thanks, appreciate that. just ahead, martha stewart is here to share her secrets for creating a wonderful easter table. >> it will be so good, martha. >> but first, your local news. i'm ...
8:26 am
==topvo== demonstrators right now are gathered .. a t good morning. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. demonstrators right now are gathered as they are every year on good friday outside lawrence labs. many vow to be arrested even if they have to protest the lab's role in helping what they say create military weapons. our crews are on the scene, close to 100 protesters there. the event is usually peaceful. organizers appreciate the lab and want to have it thrive within the community but it should change from nuclear weapon development to a green energy lab. the protesters who get arrested are cited and released for obstructing the roadway. >> see if roadways are obstructed out there here's mike. >> a couple smaller crashes but light commute as we see on friday and especially on good friday, some businesses are shut
8:27 am
down as well. we do have 580, earlier crash at edwardes did clear but past the split, chp, but overall mild issue through oakland and slowing up for 880, live look past the coliseum the volume of traffic may be the only issue through the area. no incidents reported. 66 past high street and then in downtown oakland sees clear to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are off. easy drive towards san francisco. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well on this good friday morning. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it is 8:30 on a friday morning. we've got a great crowd, great spirits. happy folks, with a very cute sign right now. happy to my peeps in massachusetts and they have easter peeps. that's clever. >> we have been telling you that hoda is coming back on monday. we have great music next week, as well. not one, but two big concerts. sheryl crow will be here live on wednesday. we love her. the next day, the legendary barry manilow will take over our citi concert stage. you can head to to get your fan passes. >> i hope he does "copacabana." it's one of the best ever.
8:31 am
i'm sure you'll be singing along. >> song requests. and just ahead, martha stewart is here to make sure your easter table is perfect. let's get a check of the weather. >> a little windy and chilly out here. we're powering through. it's looking like a nice weekend. on saturday, we could see isolated strong storms, especially back through the midwest. they shouldn't be all that widespread. and large hail would be the biggest threat. spotty showers in the mid-atlantic and the middle east. the temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. on easter sunday, a warm day up and down the east coast, with boston seeing temperatures close to 80 degrees. we'll be in the 80s through the mid-atlantic, across the southeast. scattered showers and storms through southern illinois and indiana, back through ohio. they'll be scattered off and on. and rain returns to the west coast. it west to the rockies. >> clear good friday around the bay area. looking live outside of san francisco. it's very chilly as you head out
8:32 am
the door. our temperatures have been in the 40s and low 50s and we're right now at 50 degrees in palo alto, oakland and san francisco. going to see an increase in cloud cover for tomorrow but the rain holds off until sunday. we'll start to see the rain moving into the north bay by 10:00 on sunday morning and through the afternoon some scattered showers all around the bay area. that lingers into monday. >> and for your forecast 24/7, check out the weather channel on cable. matt and savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. easter weekend is upon us. we had to call in an expert. martha stewart is going to help make our easter tables beautiful. >> her easy do-it-yourself ideas come from the pages of "martha stewart living." >> i'm running home to get my tables all set. >> are you? >> my cookies baked and decorated. my hard-boiled eggs, et cetera, et cetera. >> we're going to start making the peep cookies.
8:33 am
>> aren't they cute? >> they are cute. shortbread? >> they are shortbread. and you glaze them with lemon glaze. lemon glaze and sugar. you can do the wet frosting with that. and decorate. you can do the little feather tails with the sugar candies. you to have to these things. >> where do you buy all that? >> grocery stores and candy stores. i've been scouring candy stores looking for that. >> can you beat great shortbread? >> no. and they're easy to make. >> i'm going to eat this when we take on the next project. instead of dipping eggs in dye, you print them. you stamp them. >> you can find the little stamps online or in the stationery story. there's little leaves and flowers. and dip them in the ink pad.
8:34 am
and roll it on very carefully on the hard boiled egg. and look how pretty. it's clear. >> you've done some that you have quite a bit on. >> you can do different colors. i like to do monotone for some. do one half of the egg. but make sure they're dry. >> and this drying contraption is fantastic. >> that's just foam and picks. >> we do that. >> a beautiful platter. put a piece of sticky tape on and make your own pedestal. >> that looks so pretty. >> this is fun. >> name plates. >> this is a little name card for each place setting. and it's just using coffee filters. >> that's a good idea. >> you want to dye. >> yes. >> turn them upside down. do a bunch at a time. and let the dye soak up. >> oh. >> see how pretty?
8:35 am
>> i do. >> and that's just vegetable coloring. and the same coloring you're going to be using. let those dry very well. and here they are. each one of these is going to be the center -- the outside of the -- i'm going to do the do daffodil. >> you give me something easy. >> do a daffodil. >> you make that sound so simple. >> one piece, fold it. >> one. >> we're trying to get you to be a crafter. >> i'm trying to be crafty. >> matt could do this blindfolded. >> he's very crafty, that one. >> yeah. in my sleep, i can do that. >> use your scissors and cut pedals. >> you do it and show everybody. >> here. cut the pedtals like this. and you open this up and have a beautiful daffodil. >> and put candy in. >> and put the candies in the center. >> very cute.
8:36 am
now, the table runner. this is a beautiful, festive, spring-like table runner. you can buy it or take a piece of shoot ieeting, actually. dampen the whole cloth. and with your spray paints. this is fabric medium acrylic paint and water. a very loose suspension. why aren't these spraying? >> i'm glad it was you and not me this time. >> i think it's dry from the lights. >> what happens is, eventually -- it comes out looking like that. >> it looks like that. >> it should. that's embarrassing. >> put it together. >> here's the runner. look how beautiful, the bunny salt and peppers. the stamped eggs. >> you did a napkin holder. >> it's a napkin with a hard boiled egg. >> you know the last time i saw you, was at the yankee game the other day. >> are you going to pick on me
8:37 am
again? >> we were at the yankee game, watching michael pineda pitch a gem. >> in the bottom of the seventh, i tweeted. i made a mistake. >> you tweeted, hey, the yanks are pitching a perfect game. what happened a minute and a half later? >> he got a hit. yeah. >> you jinxed it. >> you going to do that again? >> absolutely. i'm known as the jinxer. >> martha stewart just did a segment without dropping some of her beautiful eggs. >> we had a problem right there. >> we did. we jinxed you. >> exactly. see? karma. martha, thank you so much. you can learn more about these great projects at and again, a lot of them come from "martha stewart living." up next, legendary sportswriter, legendary? michael lupica. michael, are
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. what happens when supercompetitive eighth grade boys play on a travel basketball team and their friend tries out and makes the team? it's the premise of "point guard" the latest navl from acclaimed new york columnist, mike lupica, who is a member of the sportscasters hall of fame, inducted in june. let's get the premise in a nutshell. cassie, young lady, decides she wants to try out for the boys basketball team. she is good. what set of events does that unleash? >> it challenges a friendship. one of her best friends, gus, is the star of this team. and he is under the impression that he should have his team and she should have hers. and it challenges them. she doesn't think of it as making the boys team. she thinks of it as making the team. i just got off the road. and everywhere i spoke, some girl would say, i play on the football team. i play on the basketball team. and you can't hold them back.
8:41 am
>> you're a sportswriter. you're a father. >> yeah. >> you're a long-time coach. of sports for young people. what do you think about that? do you think that girls should play on the quote/unquote boys' teams? >> if they're good enough, absolutely. after i wrote this book, remember that story in new jersey where a girl had to sue her own school -- >> i remember. >> -- to get a chance to play on the boys' team. i can't tell kids, don't let anybody tell you can't. and don't let anybody explain the dreams to you and tell a girl -- i've seen my daughter in sports. and refusing to be held back. >> it's funny. i like what you said, when we cover stories like this, like the one you talked about in new jersey, we cover it as a young lady and her family challenging the rules of the local community. what they often challenge is the friendships they're involved in. >> 100%. and i think that cassie's not trying to prove a point to gus
8:42 am
or the boys. she's trying to show herself that she's good enough to do this thing. and sports is a meritocracy. if she's good enough, she should be on the team. >> the u.s. women's u.s. hockey team won over canada. what led up to that tournament was extraordinarily interesting. they threatened to boycott the world championships because they didn't feel they were being treated in an equal manner to the men's hockey team. >> it was one of my favorite. and i undercover sports stories of the year. they did stand up. i think that this is, without trying to sound too highfalutin, this is a great time for empowerment. my daughter is the youngest of our four. we have three boys. and to watch her grow up and to constantly tell her not to let anybody define her, just because of gender, it's been a big thing in our lives. >> quickly, before i let you go. what was your take last sunday
8:43 am
when sergio garcia won his first major? and it happens to be the one that comes with a green jacket? >> it's the culmination of so many great things that happens in sports. >> what a year in sports. >> lebron and the cubs and the greatest game of football ever played. and the super bowl. federer coming back. this day, as it unfolded over those hours, if you love sports, whether you love golf the way we love golf or not, it was a tremendous event, to watch him finally overcome all the demons. >> you know how you get into sportswriters and sportscasters hall of fame, talent and passion. and you have passion about sports. >> great to see you again, man. >> good to see you. and "point guard" is the new book from mike lube pica. just ahead, a woman using her love of reading to improve her community. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪
8:44 am
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8:45. back on this feel-good friday with something that will probably make you smile as you head into the weekend. >> jenna is back with one woman's inspirational mission to help her community. >> a bronx native has loved reading for as long as she can remember. when she found out her local barnes & nobel was shutting down, she knew she had to do something about it. >> passion to kill stigmas, over due to be debunked. we are worthy. i stand here today and ask you to open your hearts and help me show the world what many fail to see. that the bronx is no longer burning, except with desire to read. >> reporter: the bronx is a hub of culture. it's given rise to hip-hop and stars like jennifer lopez. and it's where the new york yankees play ball. but the new york city borough home to 1.4 million people, does not have a single bookstore in sight. >> it shouldn't be that hard to have access to literature. >> reporter: noel is a bronx
8:47 am
native determined to change that. it began when barnes & nobel, the last bookstore in the borough, announced plans to close its doors in 2014. >> i love my borough. i'm a passionate reader. i wanted to be a entrepreneur. everything came together. it was my aha moment. >> reporter: the h.r. director said she didn't know the first thing about owning a bookstore. but she was ready to try. >> i goog eled it. how to open a bookstore. >> the lit bar was born. and after winning a competition, things took off. in an age of online shopping, running a brick and mortar bookstore can be a imagine. but noel said her store would provide something online retailers can't, a place for her community to gather in person. >> the lit bar looks like the bronx. and i want people to feel like they belong there. >> reporter: noel can trace her love for reading and discovery back to childhood. >> life growing up in the south
8:48 am
bronx as a child. there was turmoil growing up and reading was my escape. i feel like everybody deserves access to books, no matter what your income is. >> reporter: noel's friends and neighbors agree. >> what noel is doing, is bringing light to the fact that we're missing something important. >> if anybody could do it, it would be her. >> reporter: and others agreed, too. her indy go go campaign surpassed her goal of $100,000 in just one month. and caught the attention of celebrities like michael moore, who tweeted, please help. i did. >> oh, my god. the response has been incredible. it's not just coming from my community. but coming from all over america, coming from all over the world. >> reporter: the lit bar is a pop-up right now. but noel plans to open a store by the end of this year, thanks to the generous donations of complete strangers. the face that we're sis cussing to sip, talking entrepreneurship
8:49 am
and in all things the bronx. we lit. >> noel has raised more than $127,000, which will help her buy a permanent home for the lit bar. she plans to offer events and programs that encourage readers. i love it. >> this is right up your alley, jen jenna, right? >> yeah. >> a huge event happened yesterday. >> it's big. i wasn't invited. >> you were invited. >> it's okay. your daughter, celebrated her 4th birthday. >> yes. it was fun and wild. >> it was wild. >> kids' birthday parties are wild. >> the first birthday party that i've been to. >> and the first that calvin has been there. >> and owl of the babies got together. >> we're outnumbered. that's what is scary, right? >> zone defense, ladies. >> i know. >> you guys were the ones corralling. >> right up to jenna and said, where is the pizza.
8:50 am
>> and she was dancing just like her mother. >> oh, good. >> we have a video. >> no, we don't. >> it was a lot of fun. >> thank you. coming up, neil patrick harris is back to tell us about his new magical show. first this, is "today" on nbc. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
8:51 am
use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. ♪ neil patrick harris, helped us out with "trending" in almost
8:52 am
disastrous fashion. and he's returning to tell us about a new project, a magical show called "in & of itself." and neil is the executive producer. you love this. >> i am. i'm a big proponent of people seeing live things. and when it can be elevated to an exciting level, that's special for me. and magic is a pick a card, any card tricks. there's a man, derek dellgadio. and this is version 2.0. him by himself. he takes the idea of magic and turns it into a conversation about identity. and it's a personal account of what he does. and he uses these magical ideas as part of the show. >> it's not a kid's show, right? >> 16 and over. so people don't think it's that kind of mundane magic. but it's gotten great response from critics. and it's a limited run at the della roth theater. i'm proud of it. when you leave with your mind
8:53 am
expanded because of magical things that no one has done before. you can't buy in a shop. and it's inspiring and inspired, as well. >> even though this is magic to a new level, as a kid, were you a magic fan? >> massive magic fan. that's my hobby my whole life. i think it's a fantastic historical art. frank oz is the director of this, as well. and he's prolific puppeteer and a great film director, as well. anyone in new york, it's intermissionless, 80 minutes or so. it's almost contemporary art meets magic. >> that was spoken like a real executive producer. intermissionless, 80 minutes. you know -- >> it's fantastic. >> you know it's magic when there's too many tricks you start to not care about it as much. it's a show worth caring about. >> it e's june 18th.
8:54 am
dylan, you have birthday magic. >> okay. let's spin the smucker's jar and see who we're celebrating. first up, happy 105th birthday to goldie shon. an active lady from brooklyn. goes for weekly walks. robert matthews of illinois, is celebrating 100 years. he served our country during world war ii and is a purple heart reip yent. thank you for your service. happy 100th birthday to lois of lancaster, pennsylvania. the secret of longevity is eating chocolate. esther is 103 years old. the lady loves to have her nails painted. lewis ebert, a family man from pennsylvania is 100 years old. he likes to stay active by mowing his own lawn. and happy 100th birthday to frances from pennsylvania. she earned two masters degrees and has her doctorate in special education.
8:55 am
if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about them at and send us the photos. >> neil tells us he loves magic. he turned himself into willie geist. >> pretty cool, huh? >> i was going to say, look who the cat drug in. hi, willie. >> sounds like -- don't be nice now. too late for that. we have a good one this easter sunday, guys. my guest is julia louis-dreyfus. the new season of "veep" is coming on sunday. we talk about her road to "veep," as elaine benes, some bad early reviews. and she started on "saturday night live" at the age of 21 and still going as strong as ever. julia louis-dreyfus, still going today. >> i have friends saying that's the funniest show on television. >> hilarious. >> looking forward to it. >> i have to get this television thing. >> the radio is great. it's really great. curtis stone is the guest
8:56 am
co-host. ==topvo== today a judicial showdown--- good friday morning. 8:56. i'm sam brock. a judicial showdown pitting the president against local governments. protesters are expected to gather shortly in san francisco ahead of a hearing today at the sfral courthouse. santa clara and the city of san francisco will be asking federal court judges to issue an injunction blocking president trump's executive order threatening to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities and governments that don't cooperate with ice.
8:57 am
an analysts say there could be more than an billion at stake. pete is at the courthouse talking to protesters and government representatives and will bring us a live report for our midday newscast and look for the back story on our home page. yesterday we reported on the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used by the u.s. military in combat. well today, we're learning it killed 36 isis backed rebels in afghanistan. on our facebook page link to video showing the scale of the impact. firefighters are trying to determine what caused a fire at the bellagio that shut down traffic on the vegas strip. in our twitter feed the story and the dramatic video that comes with it. we'll see you again with more news in 30 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show. live-stream your favorite sport, at the airport. binge dvr'd shows, while painting your toes. on demand laughs, during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome.
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♪ this morning on "today's take," we'll wrap up our celebrity chef week with curtis stone. it's freebie friday. find out what we cooked up for our fans on the plaza and you at home to win. plus, flo rida is in the house with a live performance. that's coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this freebie friday morning, april 14th, 2017. i'm dylan dreyer, alongside jenna bush hager. and celebrity chef curtis stone. and we're listening to "my
9:01 am
house" by flo rida, who is stopping by for a live performance. >> i can't wait. that's what got me out of bed. i love "my house." >> his pacing with the song fires you up. >> and i feel it's a good welcome to curtis. >> i'm excited to be here. >> our celebrity chef week. it's very hard to say. celebrity chef week is continuing. and you've been -- and everybody has been signing their cookbooks. we have yours here. "good food good life." >> this is a good picture of you. >> thanks. it was taken seven years ago, and put it on the cover to make me look better than i am. >> you look great. >> i like the rustic look. >> that's life in a restaurant. that's what that does for you. we're going to give these away? >> are you excited for freebie friday? >> i am. i like anything free. i'm a tight ass. >> you don't get anything. >> you give it away. >> it's always better to give than receive, right? >> it's easter. >> congratulations, by the way,
9:02 am
your restaurant, gwynn, has been nominated for best new restaurant category. that's huge. >> yeah. how does that feel? >> it's a really special time when -- it's our oscars of the restaurant business. when it roll s around and you gt a nomination, it's exciting. we have to go to the gala and see if we made it. >> when you got the call, where were you? it's like the oscars. what were you doing? were you cooking? >> they had a breakfast in los angeles. and we all attended. and went down and -- >> how does that feel if you don't get nominated? >> a miserable breakfast. >> and next week, you'll be at the pebble beach wine and food festival? >> yeah. >> hold on a minute. are you creating a menu based on walnuts? >> that's what we do at my restaurant in beverly hills. we do a menu around one
9:03 am
ingredient. >> when i heard walnuts, it reminded me of when a squirrel moved into your house. four kwirlsquirrels? >> we have squirrels around the table. they don't tip well. >> how much can you do with the walnut? >> that's the fun part from a chef's perspective. you start with one ingredient and you figure out as much as you can. you can make a oil. dehydrate it. turn it into a snow or ice cream. you do stuff with it and you put it through a seasonally appropriate menu. >> we wish we could taste it. but the squirrels will probably eat it before we can get there. yesterday, dylan got to come and witness my child's 4th birthday. >> what a great time. >> i was wondering how birthday parties work in the city. it was so sweet to see all of the kids running around. >> totally wild. >> we wrangled this group together. >> and i can't believe we got poppy. poppy is my baby that i'm holding. we call her rhonda rousey. at parts of the party?
9:04 am
where is poppy? and she would run across the park. is that her? >> over breaking someone's arm in the corner. >> i like a tough girl. >> mila was rocking some hot pink lipstick. she looked like elsa. >> she looked like a beauty pageant contestant. >> we have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. and truthfully, these days, we pay for someone else to host that party. in one of the special venues where you leave the mess behind and you just put the presents in the back of your car and go home. they had a great time. you did it yourself. >> we did it at a park. your kids are so cute. and so -- we did it ourselves. i don't -- you know, in the vein of trying to keep it cheap. i have to say, maybe not worth it. it was a lot. i don't think i had one really good conversation. a lot of sensory overload. >> you seemed cool, calm, collected. everybody has pizza and cake. >> i got home, there was cake
9:05 am
down my shirt. anyway -- a toddler party is wild. i can tell you that much. but you also love a ball pit. is that right? >> that can be taken in many directions. >> a ball pit at a kid's party. >> there's a ball pit that there's thousands of balls. i was in there. and lindsay looked at me. and said do you know how many children sneeze in those ball pit pits? >> immediate shower after that. >> you need a lot of purel. >> can we play kitchen confessions? our favorite game. >> you answer the questions. and we sit here and watch. >> all right. >> i think one measuring cup with questions from our producers and the other is questions from our plaza. so, i guess -- you choose. >> those are hot. be careful. >> put them in the pot. is this right? >> i get it. >> mix them together. >> this is a really complicated game.
9:06 am
>> i missed the rules of this game. i'm sorry. >> like operation. >> i don't know who this is from. >> it's from carrey in denver. how do you make sure your cookies stay soft and moist? well, carrie from denver. you use a mix of brown sugar and white sugar. you get the brown suge we're the softness and white sugar gets the crispy sweetness. >> my cookies go -- flatten right up. >> you need more flour in there. is there any food you refuse to eat? >> obviously not walnuts. >> not walnuts. we just did a thing online with the pizza. what are those -- peeps. >> peeps. >> they put peeps on the pizza. and i wanted to refuse to eat it. but i didn't. i took a bite. and i regret it. >> peep pizza sounds
9:07 am
unappetizing. >> amelia from moorehead, kentucky. i'm heading out to college in the fall. what's a good, healthy dorm food i can make. >> soup. you can make it in big batches. you can freeze it. get your mom to do some for you and ship it. and you can keep it in the fridge for four or five days and heat it up when you're ready to eat. >> i have containers of soup in my freezer. i don't have time to cook. >> time for one more? >> why not? >> i say yes. >> i like that you're still using the tongs. >> if you go to a restaurant of a chef you respect and eat something you don't love, do you lie? >> this is juicy. >> if it's a chef you know very, very well, you tell them the truth. >> have you had to do that? >> i give honest feedback. chefs that i know very, very well. an i compliment them on different parts of the menu. that one thing, that could have used a little work. a little salt. but if you tonight know them that well, you just smile and
9:08 am
say that's fabulous. >> that's the secret. earlier today, we talked about the nugget boy. there's a guy on twitter, 16-year-old carter wilkerson. he's from reno, nevada. he's about to make social media history. he made this tweet, yo, wendy's how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets? wendy's responded, 18 million. >> that's setting the bar pretty high, wendy's. >> that's a huge demand. he took that tweet and posted that. and now, that conversation has been retweeted 2.8 million times. >> wow. >> nowhere near 18 million. we get that. but he is close to the all-time record retweet set by ellen degeneres, the oscar selfie, that had 3.3 million tweets. now, yesterday, ellen is fighting back because she wants to hold the record. she wants to be, you know, the most retweets. she made this psa, in an effort to protect her title. and she brought in major star power. take a look.
9:09 am
>> i'm ellen degeneres. >> and i'm bradley cooper. >> we need your help. >> ellen and i are dangerously close to losing our title for the most tweeted retweet after all-time. >> we need you more. >> we put our heart and soul into that selfie. i had to hold up the camera. my buy accepts for shaking. >> and i was itting on meryl stre streep's lap for a long time. >> bradley is going to rub my shoulders. >> i am? >> just do it. >> okay. >> get retweeting, everybody. >> wendy's says they're going to donate $100,000 to the dave thomas foundation that supports adoption in teenagers if he breaks the ellen record, which is 3.3 million. >> great. nugget boy. >> keep retweeting. >> we'll do our own psa later. what's on the menu? our host curtis stone shows how
9:10 am
to make your meal at home like it came from a restaurant. >> what makes a world of endless magic? larger than life fairy tales? a world beyond belief? stories that come alive? or faraway lands? how about experiencing them all... together. walt disney world resort. four theme parks. one world. endless magic. this summer experience each of the walt disney world resort theme parks with the 4 park magic ticket. enjoy 4 days for $79 per day. purchase by july 30,2017.
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also try listerine® pocketpaks for fresh breath on the go. we're back, with more of "today's take" and our guest host celebrity chef curtis stone. >> we have to talk, before we get to your hacks, your commit to one charity that you're sponsoring. talk to us about it. >> we choose one charity per year. and this year, we're working with crystlas. and they change lives through jobs. people that have beenincarcerat. they want to get a job. once you've been homeless or in prison, it's hard to get a job. i employed my first employee four years ago. he's a supervisor. i got nine employees. i'm on a mission to get everyone from a restaurant business, adopting the same philosophy.
9:14 am
you can change lives through jobs. >> that's awesome. >> we like you even more. we're making dust, with a coffee grinder. >> this is a coffee grinder. if you run out of powdered sugar. >> i've been in that situation before. >> you get the sugar. you stick it into a coffee grinder and you can turn regular sugar into powdered sugar. >> is that all powdered sugar is? >> it's in the grinder. >> i had no idea. >> who knew? >> i need to get a coffee grinder. >> you need a coffee grinder. >> we live in new york. it's hard to go to your neighbor's and ask for sugar. >> again, these are the freeze-dried raspberries in little packs. you staick that into a coffee grinder and you turn into that a raspberry flavored powder. your coffee grinder is much more
9:15 am
than a coffee grinder. >> are they easy to clean? >> they're easy to clean. >> and you can do it with all these -- >> all these things. and if you're making a risrisso you can do peas in there, too. >> or put it in your children's oatmeal so they eat it. >> that's awesome. >> with bread, you can turn into bread crumbs. a lot of the packets in your cupboard you can eliminate. you can make all sorts of stuff yourself. >> get yourself a coffee grinder. >> all right. >> that's going to be very sweet bread. >> like a french toast or something. >> inventing something new. a little sprinkle of raspberry dust. i'll take over the weather. we're going to see a decent weekend, as we get ready for easter sunday. we have a couple of spotty showers and storms moving through the midwest. shouldn't be too severe. but some of the storms can produce downpours and hail possible.
9:16 am
we're looking at a nice day up and down the east coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it warms up into the weekend. temperatures should be running about 10 to 20 degrees above average, especially back through the midwest. we're still looking at the rip current threat down in the >> you had some raspberry. next, the freebie friday madness will begin. we're cooking something up with
9:17 am
our guest celebrity chef. >> celebrity chef is hard to say. >> we're going out to the plaza >> we're going out to the plaza turns out things aren't always what you think they are. >> we're going out to the plaza take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting discover italy's lighter side, at olive garden with new tastes of the mediterranean recipes that put a fresh spin on traditional italian made with simple, wholesome ingredients inspired by italy's mediterranean coast. indulge in italy's lighter side at olive garden.
9:18 am
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9:20 am
9:21 am
freebie friday. and the fans are in for a treat. all this week, we've had amazing chefs, sign an asosortment of products, and cutting boards, as part of the giveaway this week. >> thanks to our friends at williams & is a hosonoma, has g a package of cookware and bakeware. >> do you love to give things away? >> i like receiving things more. >> not this weekend. we like to give. >> there's great books here. >> this is going to be fun. all your friends. >> we've got a lot of friends now that we have free stuff. >> i know. woo hoo. >> let's stop here. here we go. >> my gosh. i see someone.
9:22 am
>> over here? >> hello. >> another bride, too. >> two daughters. two months apart. >> and you're both getting married? >> two months apart. >> that's how you got to do it. >> you're getting married. and you're looking for wedding gifts. what do you think? should we? is it you that's getting married? >> both of them. maybe you can share. >> can we get a selfie? >> do you love him or what? >> selfies. >> okay. we have to find somebody else. come on. come on. we found some buddies. i found some buddies. hi. bunnies. how are you? what's your name? >> i'm kelly. >>. happy easter. do you love curtis or what? he's your favorite chef. >> she wants to be a cook when she grows up. >> what's your name? >> my name is taylor. >> what's your favorite thing to cook?
9:23 am
>> probably spaghetti. >> my favorite thing to eat. >> all right. happy easter, y'all. thank you. >> okay. where are we going? let's go. let's go. >> go all the way down. >> all the way down? >> all the way down. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> come on. >> let's do this. >> what do you think? what do you think? >> come on down. >> okay. what's your name, buddy? >> my name is colby. >> my name is colby. >> you turning 18? >> yes. >> can you cook, mate? >> a little bit. >> this is going to help. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> all right. that was fun, wasn't it? i love freebie friday. dylan, what about our fans at home? >> we can't forget our fans at home. if you can't make it to the plaza, you have a chance to win, thanks to williams sonoma. two fans are getting that williams sonoma gift card and a
9:24 am
cutting board and cookbooks from our co-hosts. and go to facebook and today's take. we have hot crossed buns. curtis is going to show us how to make those delicious easter sweets. first, your local news and weather.
9:25 am
9:26 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]==topvo= a showdown in san francisco. protesters are gathered outside the federal . at 9:26 on your friday, i'm sam brock. a showdown in san francisco. protestors gathered outside the federal courthouse right now in santa clara county and the city of san francisco. they're asking federal court judges to issue an injunction blocking president trump's executive order that threatens to pull federal funding for sanctuary cities who don't cooperate with ice. santa clara says that could mean a loss of up to $1.7 billion, and the loss in funding could also potentially impact critical services, including some at valley medical center. demonstrators also gathered as they do every year on good friday outside labs. they are protesting the labs
9:27 am
role in helping to create nuclear weapons. typically it's peaceful. organizers say they appreciate the lab and they want it to thrive in the community but that it should change from nuclear weapons development to a green energy lab. typically the protestors who do get arrested are cited and released for obstructing the roadway there. no obstruction as we head into your weekend. it is good weather out there. kari hall will give you your easter weekend forecast right after this break.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have sunshine and still some cool temperatures. in livermore it is now 49 degrees and 52 degrees in san jose. we still have some upper 40s in parts of the north bay. it's going to warm up with some sunshine and then for tomorrow the clouds start to move in during the afternoon. we're watching the all-important easter forecast because some rain will be moving in during the late morning hours into the north bay. the rest of the bay area sees it on sunday afternoon and still some lingering showers in the
9:29 am
forecast for monday. we'll continue to keep you up to date on that. let's head over to mike for a look at this morning's commute. >> a light, easy drive right now, kari. the slow drive on fremont sticks out like a sore thumb, so let's check out that thumb. the thumbprint left over from a crash cleared on 88 and stevens boulevard causing about a five-minute delay here. right around university avenue, that's the overcrossing you see with that arch. no lanes are blocked and i don't see anything unusual except for unusually light traffic where there are no meter lights on. we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes. this morning on "today
9:30 am
food," easter brunch. we're wrapping up our celebrity chef week with the wonder from down under. >> sounds like i should be wearing chaps. >> really does. curtis stone is making hot-crossed buns. i know the song. >> you've never had a hot cross bun. >> they're a typical australian dish, right? >> we have them all the time for easter. england, as well. they are so delicious. >> i like the sound. >> you have some yeast. sour cream, some currant, flour, brown sugar, salt, eggs and milk and cream. and i make a little strawberry jam to serve with it, as well. >> because you are the wonder from down under, you know?
9:31 am
>> the first thing you do is you bloom some yeast. add some yeast to some warm cream or warm milk. >> i never bloomed yeast. >> you bloom it, babe. you put it in there and leave it for five minutes. >> okay. >> and it comes out looking just like this. >> like oatmeal, almost. >> it has grown ever so slightly. it's a live thing. it's bloomed. you take some brown sugar and throw some orange zest in there. >> okay. >> we turn that on. you let that orange zest work a little with the brown sugar because it's going to help to bring the flavor out. you add some spice and some salt. that's some cinnamon and some salt. >> got to have the salt and the sweet. >> i'm going to turn this down so it doesn't get everywhere. you get your flour in there. >> got it. >> and you add your wet ingredients. your bloomed yeast. go ahead and dump in there. >> the eggs. >> and a little melted butter. it's an easy dough to make, actually. >> that's good. >> and orange blossom essence,
9:32 am
as well. >> what is orange blossom essen essence? that sounds fancy. >> if you don't have it, add more orange zest. but it's a nice flavor. anyway, you let that work. and then, it comes out into a beautiful dough like this. >> right. >> this is where you work in your currants. i've put my currants into a little bit of orange juice. >> okay. >> and that's how you hydrate them, right? do you have to do that? >> you don't have to. but it gives more flavor. you work this dough. and you work the currants in. and you stick it into a lightly greased bowl. >> there's the bowl. >> and you're going to cover it with clean film and sit it in a warm place. in an hour, it will have doubled in size. >> wow. >> see how that's -- >> is that thanks to the bloomed yeast? >> the yeast is doing its work for you. you punch it down, like so. you bring it out of the bowl. and then, you are going to
9:33 am
divide this into 18 buns. that's easy. cut it in half. >> one, two. >> and in half again. >> this is like a math project. >> little pieces like this. and you role them. >> they're perfect circles. this is a big bun. as they say -- >> pretty buns are pretty good fun. >> i like big buns and i cannot lie. >> you stick it in there. and you leave it again. all right? now, they're going to double in size once more. >> gosh. >> knees are a little small. but they have doubled in size. that's what gives them the nice, airy quality. once that happens, you go ahead and make this paste, which is literally water and flour. and this is where the cross comes from on the bun. you whisk that together. these are now doubled in size, as you can see. and what you do is you do a nice cross on each bun. this is to represent the
9:34 am
crucifix, of course. >> perfect for easter. >> you do that on each one. >> pretty. >> beautiful. >> really pretty. >> we have to taste. and we put them in the oven, right? >> they come out like this. and you can either serve them -- i actually serve them open. you make a little flavored butter. i have some spice, with the butter. and then, is that good? >> i love it. >> it's delicious. >> a little nutmeg, a little cinnamon and a little clove. >> it turns out a hot crossed bun is delicious. >> i've been singing the song. >> and we have other recipes. for all our "today food" recipes head to our celebration of easter sweet treats is not over. treats is not over. get a look at the i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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heri think i might burst..... totally immersed weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct with and join the summer weekenders. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste.
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because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. now look what you made me do ♪ ♪ you and me baby it takes two ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose now ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ this morning, we're taking an inside peek at everyone's favorite easter treats, peeps. >> peeps. how many can they make in one day? that's my question. why are we so crazy about them? >> these are great questions. we found out the answers to those burning questions. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: for more than 60 years, peeps have graced the nation's easter baskets, becoming a springtime tradition as all-american as baseball. only a whole lot yummier. >> how was it?
9:39 am
>> good. >> very good. >> reporter: they're the treat reese witherspoon loves to eat. the candy of justin bieber's dreams. >> you have a new favorite candy. will you tell everybody with that is? >> the marshmallow peeps? >> peeps are fantastic. >> reporter: they're the stuff fairly tale sculptures are made of. what's the word on this bird? where do peeps come from? >> i think peeps come from the easter bunny. >> i don't know. >> a candy -- >> reporter: lucky for us, we were invited to the ultimate insider's view. a behind-the-scenes peek at the peep factory in pennsylvania. peeps weren't born yesterday. >> we made peeps for the first time 64 years ago. they've been around since 1953. >> reporter: today, the just born factory makes 5.5 million
9:40 am
peeps a day. that elements to 2 billion peeps a year. as to what goes into this peeps, just four ingredients. >> it starts with the ingredients. you have the sugar, the southern syrup, the gelatin and the air. they get mixed together. and it is pumped over to our production belt. >> reporter: these are bare-naked chicks. but not naked for long. within moments of being hatched, they're coated in sugar that's stored in 400-pound sugar barrels. >> they're covered in sugar and they go through a sugar shower so the rest of the bodies get covered in the sugar that's running that day. >> reporter: no depeep is a pee without peepers, or eyes. a special sensor makes sure the eyes are placed just so. to ensure that the peeps are prepared to perfection, there's peeps spekters standing by. >> they used to make 27 hours to make. now, they take only six minutes.
9:41 am
>> reporter: peeps aren't ready for the big league are pulled from the line. those that make the final cut are loaded into boxes and packaged into cellophane, before being loaded on waiting trucks, that will take them to store s dotting the nation. once marshmallow flavored only, they come in cherry to lemon-lime and mystery flavors. >> we originally had wings on the peeps. we clipped them a few years later. >> reporter: today, peeps are flying high. arguably more popular now than ever before. >> i think peeps are representative of spring. peeps make you feel like a kid again. >> reporter: there's no telling what's next when it comes to peeps. but one thing's for certain, a treat for all of the sweet-loving people of the world. >> happy easter. >> i will say the best way to eat a peep is right off the conveyor belt. it's wo ee's warm and gooey.
9:42 am
>> how many people can say that? not many. do you eat the one eyed peeps? >> no. people make artwork out of peeps. and we have some original artwork of our own. look at that. "today's take." >> is that what it says? >> yes. >> if you stand back. >> i need to stand back. >> look at the tv. >> that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> sugar overload. and i only ate two ears. >> you're hyped to do the weather. let's take a look at the weather maps. we have a nice weekend for you. spotty showers across the northeast, down to parts of virginia and north carolina. nothing too widespread. we have isolated stronger storms through saturday. and on easter sunday, a nice graphic for you. looking all pretty. looks like a warm day up and down the east coast. temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above average. highs in the 70s and 80s. we will see isolated
9:43 am
thun good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have sunshine today. tomorrow during the afternoon the clouds start to move in, and as we go into the easter weekend, going to see the rain returning to the bay area, especially the north bay by sunday morning. for the north bay, then it spreads to the south as we go into the afternoon. some scattered showers also linger into monday, and next week we'll have several rounds of rain in the forecast. looking at highs today in san francisco up to 59 degrees, 63 tomorrow and cooler for early next week. oing to give us a live performance. after this. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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walt disney world resort. four theme parks. one world. endless magic. this summer experience each of the walt disney world resort theme parks with the 4 park magic ticket. enjoy 4 days for $79 per day. purchase by july 30,2017. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> grammy-nominated flo rida has been topping the charts seasons his debut ten years ago. >> his latest hit is called "cake" and is featured on "this is a challenge," which "rolling stone" magazine has called one
9:48 am
of the best albums of last year. f florida, we got to listen to your music all morning world. >> i got to dance badly to your music all morning. >> how did you come together to create this song? >> like you said before, i spent ten years since i put out my first record, "birthday." i felt it was only night, "cake," that produced the record. i thought after having so many number one records, i would like to have a record that, you know, introduces the best party of "cake." "i came for the cake." >> all of your songs, i want to dance to. and exercise to. do you know when you've made it? >> most definitely. when i get in the studio and i finish a record faster than normal, i know it's organic and the melody stands out. >> we heard that you brought a surprise for us? the best guest ever. what do we got? >> let's bring it out.
9:49 am
>> oh. >> i came for the cake. that's my twin brother. >> thank you. that's so awesome. cake for us all. >> he said it, cake every day. we love it. well, take it away. can't wait, guys. >> let's do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> what's up "today" show. we got flo rida in the house. 99%. you know we came for that cake. let's go. ♪ you know when i come by you know whey look like ♪ ♪ everything lit all the girls in free ♪ ♪ anybody inside sipping on a good time ♪ ♪ you ain't gotta rest they can put it on me ♪ ♪ when they wanna go off when they know when my money show off ♪ ♪ i don't want to get it one way, yeah spend it and i get it the same day ♪ ♪ but hey i didn't come here to party ♪
9:50 am
♪ i didn't come here to stay i came to leave with somebody ♪ ♪ i only came for the cake >> come on. come on. come on. ♪ i only came for the cake >> hey, hey. talk to them. ♪ i only came for the cake ♪ you know what i came for am ma throw a bankroll ♪ ♪ you ain't got to flex got your mind on me ♪ ♪ go until it's all gone i don't gotta say no ♪ ♪ i can blow a check tell me what it's going to be ♪ ♪ when they wan ga go off they know when they money show off i don't every r ever get one way ♪ ♪ spend it and get it in the same day i didn't come here to party ♪
9:51 am
♪ i didn't come here to stay ♪ i came to leave with somebody ♪ ♪ i conditional came for the cake ♪ ♪ i only came for the cake >> let's go. ♪ i only came for the cake ♪ cake, cake, cake, cake cake, cake, cake, cake ♪ ♪ cake, cake, cake, cake cake, cake, cake, cake ♪ ♪ cake, cake, cake, cake cake, cake, cake, cake ♪ ♪ i didn't come here to party i didn't come here to stay ♪ ♪ i came to leave with somebody ♪ ♪ i only came for the cake [ cheers and applause ]
9:52 am
>> by the way, we only came for the cake. that was awesome. 99%, flo rida. you made our day. that was incredible. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. we only came for the cake. ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] we have the cake. >> yes. >> we have to give the credits. >> my friend, the cake boss made this cake. look at this. >> the cake boss made the cake. you do the best. >> that's amazing. >> curtis, thank you for being here. >> we had a blast. thank you. 99%, flo rida. >> i came for the cake. >> this is so much fun. we did only come for the cake and for y'all. you made our day. >> came for the cake. >> thank you so much. >> how is it? >> oh, yeah. >> real good.
9:55 am
>> kathie lee is up next, with funny home videos. and kitchen hacks from chris kimble. not as good as you, curtis. you know what i'm saying? >> delicious. >> you like it? >> chef-approved. >> back after local news and weather. >> thanks so much, guys. good job, y'all. good to see you. =wx sot!!=
9:56 am
oc: now with mike trt: 29 =trx at ck= we ever a lot of sunshine on this friday around the bay area and a little bit cool as we start out the morning but making it up to 16 degrees in the peninsula and tri-valley. south bay up to 65, 63 in the east bay and the north bay
9:57 am
today. we'll see a high of 66 degrees. we'll see a couple dry days in the forecast today and tomorrow, and then the rain will return just in time for easter sunday, especially for the afternoon. let's get an update of what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> light traffic continues on the roadways around the bay. we have recovery for southbound 880. i told you about this crash a half hour ago. it has cleared from lanes in stev stevenson. we'll look at bait bridge. a slow drive expected as you travel to the west and past the tower. reports of another disabled vehicle. i say another because the first incident that happened was at 5:00 this morning. these things are few and far between, just be careful. protesters gathered outside lawrence livermore labs, calling on them to end their research and development. a chiropractor convicted of sex crimes is now a wanted man.
9:58 am
he failed to show up for court the day jurors convicted him. on the home page, photos of the man authorities are looking for. get ready for sharks frenzy. they play game two tonight in edmonton and they'll be back in the shark tank for game 3.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is try day friday. april 14th, 2017. it is also good friday. we wish you all a blessed holiday. jenna bush hager is in for hoda momma. that was "fresh eyes." easter is just a couple days away. that means a table full of relatives. some we like. some not so much. we've got some advice to help you handle those awkward situations that can and usually do arise over a holiday.


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